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Glenhope Chester sold to Vellum Farm W.A.

Glenhope Chester has been purchased by Janine & Mark Bastick of Vellum Farm W.A. He a male that has been recommended by Dr Jim Watts for use in the SRS breeding programme. For further information see the Vellum Farm website


Published: 20/10/2012

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New England Alpaca Show – 2012

Glenhope Alpacas had a very successful show over the long weekend in June. Although we only entered 4 animals and 3 fleeces we came away with the Supreme Champion who was the Intermediate male champion, Adult champion male and 2 Reserve champions in the fleece classes.

Glenhope Griffen – Supreme & Intermediate male champion

Glenhope Franco – Adult champion male

Glenhope Exquisite – 18 – 30 months fleece – Reserve champion

Glenhope Cyrah – 48 – 60 months fleece – Reserve champion

Glenhope Griffen

Published: 11/07/2012

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Breeding Program

Alpacas have presented us with a unique business as well as a wonderful and fulfilling lifestyle. Our fascination and passion for these animals remains strong. We are committed to a breeding programme to accelerate the improvement of our herd and to assist other breeders achieve their goals through using the SRS® breeding system. The commitment to the development of quality fleece that resembles the properties of cashmere will pay off for the industry as alpacas are capable of producing a much larger quantity of this type of fleece.

Glenhope is strongly focused on breeding well conformed huacayas that grow silky soft, long and deeply crimped fibre. We aim to breed fleeces that retain fineness with low primary fibres (guard hair). The results we are currently seeing are due to careful selection and use of the objective scientific tools of the SRS® breeding system we have employed since 2004. This breeding system developed by Dr Jim Watts has been tested and proven with merino sheep and has been embraced by an ever increasing number of Australian and overseas alpaca breeders. This scientific approach to breeding removes the guesswork as it provides measurable outcomes of genetic and fibre traits. Animals are classed and evaluated on a range of valued fleece characteristics. The males used in our breeding programme are skin tested and have reached a standard to be placed on the national list of recommended males.

The constitution and frame is equally important in the selection of our animals to genetically improve the feed conversion efficiency and fibre output of our stock. Selection of early maturing males with high fecundity is a trait we value as this has been shown in other species to have a direct effect on the fertility of females.


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